Integricare Supported Playgroups St George

Integricare Supported Playgroups St George is funded by Families NSW.  It is a project that provides free supported playgroups in the St George region to parents and carers raising children up to 8 years.  We provide 7 playgroups once a week in a location within the local community where parents can share experiences of parenting and for children to socialise, play and learn in a structured and positive environment.

We place an emphasis on the importance of play in a child's development, while building on the concept of positive parenting.  The parenting needs of mothers, fathers and carers can also be addressed as well as building friendships and informal links within the community.

We Offer Families:

  • Access to information about their local community and parenting services.
  • Information and support around parenting.
  • Developmentally appropriate learning environment.
  • Modelling of positive behaviour management techniques.
  • Modelling of play interactions, communication skills and learning experiences.
  • Early identification of developmental issues and appropriate follow up.
  • Improve the use of local services by providing practical assistance to accessing identified services.


Integricare Supported Playgroups St George

89 Cameron Street

Rockdale NSW 2216

Telephone: (02) 9567 4977

Fax: (02) 9597 6660


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Integricare Supported Playgroups work from a strength based model.