Integricare Supported Playgroups

Integricare Supported Playgroups are funded by Families NSW.  It is a project that provides free supported playgroups to parents and carers raising children up to school age.  The service targets families who have difficulty in accessing mainstream community playgroups.

Why Choose a Supported Playgroup?

There are a number of good reasons why parents and children attend Integricare Supported Playgroups:

  • Experienced and qualified early childhood and family support workers
  • A structured, positive learning environment that promotes children's quality social interactions, play, knowledge and development
  • Model ways in which parents and carers can play and communicate with their children to promote positive family and parent/carer child relationships
  • Links, referrals and access to community, health and social services
  • Information relating to resources and events within the wider community
  • Information and support around your child's development
  • Guest speakers covering issues relating to parenting and childhood
  • Parents gain the opportunity to meet and share their experiences

Throughout the year, Integricare Supported Playgroups will support families with:

1.     Healthy Eating Initiatives

          Children's nutrition, breastfeeding, healthy morning tea, active play and much more.

2.     Child Safety

          Safety at home, road safety, child protection, and sun safety.

3.     Parenting Skills and Development

          Understanding your child's development, the importance of development, open question time, positive parenting strategies.

4.     Early Literacy and Numeracy

          Trips to the library, what books to read to what age group, story time, counting, puzzles and "Lets Read" a great parent resource.

5.     Transition to School

           Early intervention support, being school ready, school buddies, what to expect, navigating the public school system.

These are some of the topics we discuss.  We work with families to identify what support they require with each of these service deliveries.